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Study at the department started in 1977, as archaeology department was one of faculty of arts departments and in 1990 the department is divided into two sections Egyptian archaeology and Islamic archaeology, then in 2000 conservation department is added to the two above mentioned departments. In 2015 prime minister issued a decision dictated on the establishment of faculty of archaeology to start its study in 2016


To be an experience house in scientific research, education and society service


prepare a distinguished graduate in the science of practical and theoretical Egyptian archeology to meet the needs of the labor market

عنوان مقر إدارة الكلية

Address : Egypt – Sohag Governorate  Sohag  University-faculty of Archaeology

0932287946   : Phone

0932287946  : Fax

   Email : it_unit_arch@art.sohag.

 الموقع تصميم وتطوير فريق البوابة الألكترونية
م /طه احمد الهلالي

خريطة الوصول للكلية