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الرئيسية » Activities of the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector

Activities of the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector

Society service and environment development sector

  • The sector of society service and environment development  cares about displaying the role of the faculty as an experience house which helps in developing the society through spreading the archeological awareness at the society, in cooperation with the specialized  institutions
  • The sector also cares about the activation of the units of the special nature at the faculty to present the societal services
  • Moreover the office of the vice dean of the faculty for society service and environment development on the fifth floor at the new campus

The activities of the sector

  • 1- activate the role of the sector in the development of the local society
  • 2-link and enhance the relationship between the society’s institutions and the faculty
  • 3-present the cultural awareness for the students
  • 4- care about the units of the special nature which has a social return for the society

The achievements of the sector in 2016 and 2017

1-two switches were connected to operate the internet and still working on completing the other lines of internet

2- The center of archeology registration was addressed to send some copies of Islamic, Coptic and Egyptian pattern or models to make the faculty very distinguished

3- A safety, security and crisis units were established and set up

4-the chairman of Gerga city was addressed to facilitate the faculty mission of getting photocopy, by using Xerox, of the saves files and documents at the city council to add them to the regional legacy which the faculty collects

5- A logo for safety, security and crisis management units was designed

6-the artistic works of the restoration department students, big tableaus included, were moved from faculty of arts to faculty of archeology and distributed on the departments