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It Unit

It unit

  • The manager of the unit Dr Mahmoud El-Sayed Mohamad Mohamed
  • The unit was established at faculty of archeology to activate and connect
  • the services of information technology for the staff members And their assistant easily and directly
  • The unit also is considered as the link between the projects which are presented from ICTP

Unit’s goals

1-transform ever thing in the academic and educational process to the electronic dealings

2-transform the administrative dealings to the electronic dealings

3- Facilitate the communication of the staff members, their assistants and the employees through the page on the Facebook

4- Update the data of the staff members and their assistants and acknowledge their specialties through their CVs\

Make the website of the faculty is the official source of the activities and information of the faculty\\

Spread the awareness and make communication the between the students and the staff members easier

Activate the academic e-mail of the staff members, their assistants, employees and the students

Collect, publish and update the news on the website

Publish the academic and exam schedules and the exam results on the website

The establishment of the unit

The unit was established according to faculty council decision number 4 in 10/1/2017