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The Dean’s word

The Dean’s word

In 2015 prime minister issued a decision dictated on the establishment of faculty of archeology ,to start its study in 2016.

Study at the department started in 1977, as archeology department was part of faculty of arts departments and in 1990the department is divided into two sections Egyptian archeology and Islamic archeology, then in 2000 conservation department is added to the two above mentioned departments

The faculty also has very powerful human resources, as the faculty started with a big number of staff members and their assistants

It is worth mentioning that post graduate studies started in 2016-2017. The faculty also discussed many master degrees and PHD dissertations

Moreover professor Abd el-Rahman Fahmy library was transferred from the old campus to the new one and two halls were allocated for it

A hall for the faculty’s museum was allocated at the new campus, another hall was allocated for the faculty’s council and finally five control rooms, four of them for under graduate students and one for post graduate studies.

There for three units were prepared at the faculty, namely:

Electronic service unit-students assessment and exams systems- security and crisis management.

 And a center for researches and studies of archeology and excavation

The faculty also participated in serving the society and it is considered as an experience house not only for Sohag governorate but also for many national and international institutions