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Staff Members

Staff members

Scientific degree name Specialization
Emeritus professors Professor Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed Awad Excavations and old buildings
professors Professor Mohamed Abd el-Raoouf Algoohary excavate stones and monumental buildings (non organic monuments))
professor Mohamed Abd Allah Ali Maroof  excavate organic monuments ( treat and maintain archeological textiles
Emeritus assistant professors professor Bahaa Mohamed Mohamed Husseinin excavate the organic monuments

(pollutants and its effect museums and archeological areas

Lecturers Dr Mahmoud Abu Abo Alfotooh   




 Accurate architectural excavation for woods
Dr Nermeen Sayed Abd el-Baky Abd el-Ghan  Treat and maintain glass
Dr Rashwan Abd el-Reheem Rashwan Ibrahim  Treat and maintain oil tableaus
Dr Amr Mohamed Abd el-Sattar excavate the non-organic monuments

Assistant lecturers


Ehab Awad Awad Alimam  Treat and maintain wall images
Hosam Ragab Sleem Treat and maintain the organic collectives
Ahmed Mahmoud Mustafa Excavate the metal monuments
Amira Ahmed Mazen excavate organic monuments maintain archeological textiles
Asmaa Abd el-Samee Mahmoud  Treat and maintain the archeological manuscripts
Demonstrators Reheem Mohamed Ali Abd el-Rahman Restoration of monuments
Mina Sobhy Fahmy Excavation  
Mahmoud Abu Almaaref Excavation